A “Cute” Playdate
Since I have been pregnant, I have had  few cravings mainly citrus fruits.  Before I found out we were expecting I NEEDED grapefruit anything, I even got grapefruit oil to add to my water.  And the easiest citrus fruit to eat? These little bad boys. Cuties are sweet, seedless, easy to peel, and most importantly, they’re › Read more
My family finally made our big news public yesterday……we’re having another baby.   So so so excited about baby number 3.  I told my bootcamp ladies many weeks ago, because I started to have a little baby belly SUPER early.  I show early every pregnancy.   One of the most common questions that I have › Read more
How to Start a Freezer Cooking Club
This month was month 2 of our freezer cooking club.  I must admit that I love this even more the second month that we did this and I am already dreaming of marinades and mixes for the summer.   Oh wait I am getting ahead of myself…. WHAT IS FREEZER COOKING?  Freezer cooking is when › Read more
16 Minute Blast workout
I put together this workout this week and it turned out to be challenging but still short.  It gets your heart rate up and is super simple.  All you need is a medicine ball and a timer. I like that this workout is time driven, because your efficiency with the moves determines your time off. › Read more
Portable Healthy Kid Snacks
Today was one of “those days”.  Oh you know the one, where you have several appointments for your children in the afternoon and NEED to stop by the store.  I had a day like that today, and it also included only having 25 minutes to shower and get ready.  Needless to say, I didn’t have › Read more
Protein Berry Donuts
A few months ago we realized that my youngest son has a gluten allergy, just like his mom.  He has been so wonderful about monitor his diet on his own.  Elijah was playing house the other day and was offered a piece of play food bread and he told the little girl, “I don’t eat › Read more
10 Wintertime Clean Eating Snacks
I tend to go in spurts of eating the EXACT same thing everyday (except dinner) for weeks on end.  Then I switch it up and repeat the mundane process.  Since its winter and certain fresh produce is harder to find right now, I thought I would update my snack list for you.  And because I › Read more
I create this workout a few weeks back (before we got snow!).  Since all of the schools in our area are closed tomorrow, I thought now was a great time to share a quick strength training workout that can be completed anywhere.     One Handed dumbbell snatch:  I alternated hands for this move.  Squat › Read more
6 things I learned in 2014
It’s that time of year, when everyone reflects on the past year and makes promises for the year ahead.  I am one that is eager to look ahead at the goals for the future, and not very eager to reflect.  But I’ve come to realize that I can’t really move forward without reflecting back on › Read more
Top Posts of 2014
When I started this little blog and fitness company, I was just having fun and sharing what I loved.   2 and 1/2 years later….. I’m pretty much still just doing that! I am looking forward to the next year ahead.  I am most excited to be adding on to the recipes, menu plans and › Read more
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