Favorite Barre Workouts
 They say you “never forget your first love”, and this is very true for me when it comes to fitness. My first loves are running, weightlifting and barre.   Barre was the first low impact workout that I REALLY enjoyed. Barre is a ballet inspired workout that has almost no impact on your joints and › Read more
Pregnancy Update – 32 weeks
Oh 3rd trimester, you are just a miserable as I remember you to be.  Symptoms: Veins.. I’ve got the veins real bad. :/ I have had these with every pregnancy, and this one seems like the worst I’ve had them. My one uncle has just begun to swell. Diet: – Now that they boys are back › Read more
Black Bean, Veggie Fritters
I’ve craved homemade black bean burgers lately for some reason.  So I decided to make a southwest fritter version instead! This recipe made about 9 fritters and I refrigerated them, and ate them for lunch all week.  The recipe is SO EASY that I feel a little silly making an actual recipe to share.  You › Read more
Pregnancy and Body Image
     I am 6 months pregnant with baby boy #3. Some can read this as a very self-centered post, I am carrying a healthy happy baby and that is the most important thing.  I KNOW! But I also think it is a very real reality that as a mom, your body goes through MANY changes.   › Read more
Pregnancy update weeks 17-24
   Here we come 3rd trimester!!  Symptoms:  - I FINALLY stopped getting sick around week 22.  WAHOO! I still can hardly believe that I had morning sickness this long.  After about 19 weeks, I was only sick one or 2 days a week.  Still I felt like at 22 weeks I really stepped into the › Read more
Beach Bodyweight Workouts
It’s been a long and gloomy spring in Illinois and we couldn’t wait to get to Florida for our family vacation and soak up the sun.  Before we arrived, several people warned me that pregnant women can burn easier.  And after one day on the beach I can attest that this is very true!! It › Read more
2nd Trimester update: weeks 12-16
   So…here I am, still pregnant. Thought I would post a little update on the goings on of Goulet baby #3. Random:  – Baby Goulet #3 definitely has been my hardest pregnancy so far.  I have been more sick than I have ever been before.  I still throw up about 1-2 a week and have about › Read more
Full Body Weights Circuit
It felt so good to workout outside this weekend! Even though it was still only 38 degrees, the sun warmed things up  Saturday was crazy busy, we are renovating our bathroom (almost done!) and I had been sick with the stomach flu so I had lots of dishes and laundry to catch up on.  But › Read more
Pregnancy Fitness – 1st trimester Update
Well well well.  I’m at week 12 of my 3rd pregnancy and I feel like I can hear the Celine Dion song “Coming Out of the Dark” playing as my theme song.  I can finally see the light!!!!  How’s it been going? My parents came to visit this weekend and I think just about every › Read more
Caprese Salad with Avocado
I studied aboard my senior year in college and with that a whole new world of food was opened to me.  I discovered mozzarella, REAL mozzarella.  I would often buy a whole ball of mozzarella and eat it whole like an apple. I also discovered the joy of caprese salad, and I adventurously would add corn › Read more
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