Menu Plan 11/25/2012 – You look alittle kale….

I’m getting a new fridge this week!!!! Freezer cooking here I come.. I have waited to get back into freezer cooking until I had some freezer space. We are keeping our old fridge to keep in the basement for extra storage. In honor of the fridge coming I am trying to use up the leftovers and vegetables that I have in my current fridge.
And on the menu is KALE, KALE, KALE. I actually like kale, and hate kale chips. Don’t listen to all the websites that try to tell you they taste just like potato chips, they don’t. They taste like kale, only more bitter.

Monday – apple pork chops, corn and parsnip cakes

Tuesday – Date Night. We are going to see Twilight. Judge me if you want to, it’s a week after opening so I am obviously not a die-hard fan :)

Wednesday – Mediterranean Chicken, Beans and Greens, Couscous

Thursday – Baby Meal! Chicken Alfredo, Broccoli, whole wheat pasta, and brownies. This is my standard baby meal that I make in the crock pot and bring to everyone after they have a baby.

Friday – Going to get the Christmas tree! Creamy Chicken, and Brown Rice Pilaf with parsnips, celery, and sweet potatoes

Saturday – Turkey Tacos, Brown rice and beans

This week I am linking up with: I’m and Organization Junkie, and Mommy Run Fast

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Katie is one of the personal trainers at endeavor fitness. She loves cooking, running, and spending time with her family. She also blogs about faith, family and life at Katie love to help others reach their health, fitness, and life goals. Katie was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue over 10 years ago, and that is why she specializes in creating clean eating recipes without gluten or grains.


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