Clean Eating Menu Plan……clean out the freezer edition

Here’s this weeks menu plan. As you probably now, we follow a clean eating diet round here and I also take it up a notch by being gluten free. Here’s what we plan on eating for dinner this week.

clean eating menu plan
clean eating zuppa toscana
Sunday – Copy cat Zuppa Toscano (just the the olive garden!), homemade whole wheat rolls for the boys, also a salad. I found some pretty clean chicken sausage to use for this.
Monday – meetings
Tuesday – Hubby and my date night. The kids are having kosher hot dogs (I’ve gotten weird about hotdogs lately so I am only feeding them kosher ones that have three ingredients: beef, water, and salt) and clean eating macaroni and cheese. *****
WednesdayMaply Balsomic Quinoa, Fig and Goat cheese stuffed Chicken, vegetables
ThursdayCrockpot beef stew, whole wheat rolls
Friday - Spaghetti squash, turkey meatballs, clean eating alfredo sauce
Saturday – Pesto Chicken, lime and cilantro cauliflower rice, cooked broccoli

**Clean Eating MAc and Cheese is the easiest to make ever. The homemade version is just as cheap, but without preservatives and chemicals.

Whole wheat noodles (usually half a box)
1 cup milk
2 T corn starch
1 c. shredded cheese (I buy a brick and shred it)
salt to taste

1. Cook noodles and drain.
2. Put milk and corn starch in a pan after the noodles are cooked and drained. Heat milk until it is just boiling, and reomve form heat.
3. Stir in cheese and pour onto noodles.

You can find my past menu plans by clicking here.


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Katie is one of the personal trainers at endeavor fitness. She loves cooking, running, and spending time with her family. She also blogs about faith, family and life at Katie love to help others reach their health, fitness, and life goals. Katie was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue over 10 years ago, and that is why she specializes in creating clean eating recipes without gluten or grains.

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