Clean Eating Menu Plan

clean eating menu plan

Every week I try to plan my families meals ahead with helps keep up on track with our eating plan. It also help make dinner making automatic.  Lately, I have had a craving for sweet potatoes so they keep making an appearance in our meals.

I still find myself searching through several websites each week to find recipes that fit with our gluten free, clean eating diet.  So I decided to continue to share what our family is eating.

Here’s our menu plan for this week.


Sunday – Coconut Shrimp (coat shrimp with egg then dip in unsweetened coconut), Eggplant Fries (just drizzle with olive oil and bake in oven), loaded sweet potatoes.  I “loaded” our sweet potatoes with some cheese and toppedwith greek yogurt.

Monday – Crockpot Chicken with apples and carrots, cauliflower rice

TuesdaySweet Potato, black bean burgers 


Wednesday – Ribs with clean eating BBQ in the crockpot, corn on the cob, sweet potato fries

ThursdayChicken, butternut squash, quinoa soup

FridayRoasted Chicken, salad

Hope you enjoy these!


About The Author

Katie is one of the personal trainers at endeavor fitness. She loves cooking, running, and spending time with her family. She also blogs about faith, family and life at Katie love to help others reach their health, fitness, and life goals. Katie was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue over 10 years ago, and that is why she specializes in creating clean eating recipes without gluten or grains.

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clean eating for a family


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