We know how much the food we eat affects our overall health and well being. When we eat healthy whole foods and take a high quality supplement we have more energy, greater clarity and our bodies remain in balance. It can be challenging to eat healthy all the time. In our busy lives we often sacrifice quality for the convenience of quick meals. In today’s society it is difficult to get all the essential nutrients our body’s need from our food.

A high quality supplement can help give you many of the nutrients your body needs.  Supplements and vitamins are not regulated by the FDA currently, which means you do need to do your research and only take products that you trust. The main products that I trust are made by a company called Usana. Usana produces pharmacuetical grade supplements and holds a high standard for quality. USANA products were developed with ingredients that support and nourish our bodies right down to the level of the cells without harmful ingredients.

Here are some of the reasons I trust USANA products:

  • they do in house manufacturing and have a FDA registered facility
  • USANA volunteers to adhere to pharmaceutical grade manufacturing processes so you can trust what is on the label is what is in the bottle
  • they use the highest quality ingredients and will not compromise the health of your cells
  • they are rated one of the top supplements in the world according to the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide of Nutritional Supplements (rates over 1500 supplements)
  • the products are highly absorbable and dissolve in water within 30-60 minutes
  • I have taken many supplements in my life and never really noticed a difference. With USANA products I felt the difference within 4 weeks.

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Why do you need supplements?
Vitamins and minerals are vital nutrients for body functions. I have a goal of eating eight fruits and vegetables everyday, and I RARELY meet this. Taking a high quality daily vitamin ensures that my body is getting the nutrients that I need everyday.

What do vitamin and minerals do for you?
- build up your immune system. You can’t workout when you are sick right?
- Increase your energy level. I get sleep at night, but my days start at 4:30am and vitamins up my energy to stay engaged all day.
- Increase your appearance. Healthy skin and hair are from adequate nutrients.

What about protein? 
It’s important to fuel your body with the proper foods post workout for best results.  One of the way you get the most benefit from your workouts is by making sure you are eating enough protein each day.  Protein can be found in meats, eggs, and legumes.  Protein can also be found through protein products.

After my morning workout I eat a Chocolate Fusion Nutrition Bar. These are low glycemic which means they don’t spike your blood sugar like sugar does.  These bars contain 12grams of protein which helps build healthy muscle.
Nutitrion bar

For lunch on the run, I eat a Nutrimeal shake. 15 grams of protein helps build muscle, and 8 grams of fiber keeps me full.

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